February 04, 2023

71 Interesting Psychological Facts

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology includes the conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. 

Interesting Psychological facts
Interesting Psychological facts

71 Interesting Psychological Facts

1. The people who give the best advice are usually the ones with the most problems.

2. It is possible to die from a broken heart. It's called Stress Cardiomyopathy.

3. The type of music you listen can shape the type of person you are.

4. Your favorite song is your favorite because you associate an emotional event with it.

5. If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation, studies confirmed.

6. People who speak two languages may unconsciously shift their personalities when they switch from one language to another.

7. Your mind rewrites monotonous speeches of boring people to make it sound interesting.

8. Science behind having a good sleep is that you just have to convince your brain that you had a good sleep.

9. Expectant fathers can sometimes experience a sympathetic pregnancy where they have symptoms like back ache, weight gain, strange food carvings and nausea.

10. Phobias may be memories passed down through generations in DNA, according to a new research.

11. There are more than 400 distinct phobias well recognized by psychologist.

12. When crying from happiness the first tear will come from the right eye but if you are crying from sadness it will come from the left.

13. If you spend time with positive people, they will have a very positive impact on you.

14. Biochemically speaking, being in a romantic love affair cannot be distinguished from having an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

15. People who try to keep everyone happy often end up feeling the loneliest.

16. Travel boosts brain health and also decreases a person's risk of heart attack and depression.

17. 90% of people text things they can't say in person.

18. It takes only 4 minutes to fall in love with a person.

19. Crying makes you feel better, reduces stress, and may help to keep the body healthy.

20. Research shows that, for luxury brands, the ruder the sales staff, the higher the sales.

21. Usually thinking of a successful outcome will reduce our motivation rather than increase it.

22. Smarter people underestimate themselves. Ignorant people think they're brilliant.

23. Doing thinks that scare you will make you happier.

24. No one born blind has developed the condition of schizophrenia.

25. Some of us are actually afraid of being too happy because of the fear that something tragic might happen next.

26. Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter the person is, the more selective they become.

27. Comedians and funny people are actually more depressed than others.

28. After death, there is a period of 7 minutes of brain activity where the person will see dream like sequence of their memories.

29. Pretending not to care is the habit of someone who generally cares the most.

30. People who spend time in the sun are more likely to be happier and content in life.

31. The brain can remember only 3 to 4 things at once.

32. If you have series of task at hand, always do the difficult tasks in the beginning.

33. The more you spend on others, the happier you are.

34. 18 to 33-year-old are the most stressed out people on earth.

35. When you remember a past event, you're actually remembering the last time you remembered it.

36. Spending money on others, yield more happiness than spending it on yourself, a study concluded.

37. 30% pregnant women crave nonfood items, an eating disorder called pica.

38. Millionaires who have earned their wealth are moderately happier than those who inherited it.

39. You read faster with a longer length but prefer shorter.

40. You make most of your decisions unconsciously.

41. Your mind rewrites monotonous speeches of boring people to make it sound interesting.

42. Being with positive, happy people keeps you happier.

43. Feeling ignored causes the same effect as that of an injury.

44. There's a rare mental disorder where people imagine that they are decomposing, dead or non-existent.

45. Researching are debating on adding internet addiction to the list of mental disorders.

46. 1 in 5 people in France has experienced depression making it the most depressed country in the world.

47. People who oversleep tend to crave more sleep.

48. There is a gene that can cause you to be negative most of the time.

49. Our hearts have nothing to do with the feeling of being love. Its only a chemical reaction of the brain.

50. When you are single, all you see are happy couples; and when you're not, you find happy singles.

51. Closing your eyes help you to remember things.

52. Your tongue length is related to your sexual curiosity. Those who can lick their elbows are more willing to try new experiences.

53. Severe depression can cause us to biologically age more by increasing the aging process in cells.

54. Gratitude can boost dopamine and serotonin, just like antidepressants.

55. If you have A crush on someone, your brain will find it impossible to lie to that person.

56. Pretending not to care is the habit of someone who generally cares the most.

57. Women with higher IQ find it harder time to find a mate.

58.Boanthropy is a psychological disorder where people think they are cows.

59. Research has shown that thinking about a plan B, can make it less likely that you'll achieve plan A.

60. The cells in your body react everything your mind says. So negative things bring down your immune system and you feel dick.

61. People with low self-esteem is more likely to criticize others.

62. Good liars are better detecting lies of other.

63. Saying "Thank you" makes people see you as a warmer, a study found.

64. Researches have found that optimism is a teachable skill and that you can be the one to teach yourself.

65. The Jonah complex is the fear of success which prevents self-actualization.

66. Dendrophilia is the sexual arousal from trees.

67. People who stay up late tend to be risk-takers, a study found.

68. Childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage, including depression, anxiety, social 
withdrawal and severe trust issues.

69. The happier we are, the less sleep we require.

70. People look more attractive when they speak about things that they are really interested in.

71. Women who have mostly male friends stay in a good mood more often.
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