February 14, 2023

How Search Engines like Google retrieve Results?

I being a person in the field of data science once wondered how google or say the search engines understand my query and extract the relevant results as they know what I am thinking.

Behind all this is the algorithm which understands the unstructured data and converts into structural data and shows us the desired result.

How Search Engines like Google retrieve Results?
How Search Engines like Google retrieve Results? 

You are trying to type a query: Who won the FIFA World Cup 2022?, before you have even completed the query it shows you what the possible query is and you simply click on it and can see Argentina right on top.

All the credit goes to machine learning. Machine learning uses the trends, values or characteristics of specific things based on historic data. Search engines use machine learning to detect patterns that help them to identify spam and duplicate content.

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.

A common machine learning model follows the following sequence:

Data - Data is the king

First give the system a known set of data. This is, a set of of data with a large set of possible variables connected to a known positive or negative result. This is used to train the system and give it a starting point. The system now understands how to recognize and weigh factors based on the past data to produce a positive result.

Set it up for success

Once the system is trained with the known data, it is then fed with new data but without the known positive or negative result. When the system predicts the result correctly it is given a reward that is points are added to its score.

Set it for the goal

Once the success metrics are high enough to surpass the existing systems it can be integrated with the algorithm as a whole.

This model is called as supervised learning and is widely used in the majority of Google algorithm implementations.

There is unsupervised machine learning too. Lets see this with an example. Suppose you visit Google news and see a news related to increase in the global petrol price. When you click it, you will get all the link of other websites displaying the same news.

Hope now you are clear how search engines like Google retrieve your search results !!!

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