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Drug abuse in youth essay

Drug abuse not only destroys a person's youth but also makes the life of the people around him a living hell. Youth is one of the golden periods of our lives. As children's we enjoy our life, it is a period we don't have to worry about anything. Our well-beings are taken care by our parents and elders.

Drug abuse in youth essay

Eventually when we start to understand things we start to make our decisions and choices. This is the most precious period of your life. You don't have to worry about any jobs, money and time. You just have to study or concentrate on your carrier. You are devoid of tensions. I am not saying your life is stress free but it's too less when compared to your future life, where you have to worry about money, health, relationships and much more.

This is the golden period of your life, but it could also lead to the worst period of your life in future. Youth is the phase where there are many hormonal changes in your body. At any given time your adrenaline can give you a rush. If you are not able to control yourself in this hour your future will give you a gift which you will regret but you cannot change it. As it is said time once gone can never be brought back.

Drug abuse in youth essay
Drug abuse in youth essay

Youth is a very tender stage. One wrong or one right move will decide your future. Some youths start smoking, while others start consuming tobacco. They are influenced by the superstars and the movies they watch, by the people in their respective localities, by friends and so on.  They think it's very cool and gives them a high status in the society.

But they are definitely wrong. What they are doing is actually sowing seeds for dangerous and deadly diseases in the near future. It's the time they need proper guidance and self control. God has made your body such that at young age your immune system is able to fight all the diseases. But eventually as you start aging its fighting tendency reduces and if you have abused your body it will further not help your cause. It's that moment when you are a family person having to look after your parents, wife and children that you realize I should have not done this and that. Regretting and grieving at this stage will only make your situation even worse.

Consuming Drugs at Young age

Recently I saw on television that people of a particular region are in large numbers getting addicted to drugs. Most of the addicts are youths in their colleges or in their twenties. Drugs are being very easily distributed in this region. Consuming drugs affects your body very badly. You are in a state where you are not in your true sense. You cannot control your body. Your body gets addicted to it and you feel very restless once you do not get its regular dosage. This can lead to violet behavior and which in turn lead to crime. I was shaken by one of this news; where one of this youth who was around 26 years old died due to drug overdose. He was married and had one year old child. What will happen of its family? Who will take care of them? What about the old parents, his wife and their child's future.

This is one of the cases. While there a many to narrate. The crimes taking place due to the drug addicts. The entire young generation is being made useless. Some youngsters might survive and may be rehabilitated. But the damage done to your body is such it will take a firm will and deep motivation from their part to make any improvements in their situation. Further this affects the mental condition of their family very badly. The financial condition of these families also worsens.

Smoking and consuming Tobacco at Young age

Youngsters who start smoking and consuming tobacco at a very tender are not aware of the consequences. They don't know that this habit of theirs may lead to many dreadful diseases like cancer, lung diseases and so on in the future.

By the time few of them realize it, it becomes very difficult to quit it as it has become an addiction. They are rehabilitated and undergo tremendous physical and mental stress during the rehabilitation period. It is then that they are able to give up their addiction to smoking and tobacco consumption. Not all are so lucky. Many don't quit their addiction even after several attempts of rehabilitation. Their body has got used to it and their behavior turns violet if they don't get their regular dosages.

Eating Junk foods regularly

Eating junk, oily and fatty foods is not a crime but it should be eaten only up to a certain limit. During youth many just eat junk foods and avoid healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, protein rich diet, etc. These foods are necessary for over all development of your body and brain. At this age they are a must for you. But youngsters just avoid them. If it's some one's birthday or some celebration they just go to their favorite restaurants or food centers and start having all the junks, oily foods.

Some consequences such as they become obese and fat are observed when they are relatively young. We all know once the fats and cholesterol starts to accumulate in our arteries we become prone to so many diseases. Becoming obese decreases their physical activity. They get tired very soon even if they run or walk for some distance. They do not participate in any sports. At young age the more the physical activity the more it is good for your body for the future.

Consuming Alcohol

As the students enroll to the higher secondary schools; it's a completely new world for them. For the first time in their life they are able to wear any clothes of their choice leaving behind the school dresses which they wore for years and years. They become very happy and excited. Nothing is wrong in this. But at the same time they are seeing a world which is far bigger than they had ever experienced. As compared to schools there is no school bus to take them directly to schools. They have to travel on their own to their new institutions.

They see many new people, new environment, make new friends and are far away from their parents to check what their regular activities are. In such situations many youth's with bad friend circle start consuming alcohol. Some just try it out of curiosity and then fail to give up their addiction. Youths at such age should be made aware the health and social hazards they might face. Substance abuse in youths should be controlled and stopped by giving them proper guidance and information about the same.

Rather youth is a period where you should sow strong seeds of healthiness and cleanliness so that you can reap it's benefit's as you grow older.  Hope you liked this health article essay on drug abuse in youth. Do not shy to share it with your friends.