February 03, 2023

Conscious and Subconscious mind power

Today I am going to share with you some of the amazing subconscious mind power techniques to be more productive and smart in our day to day life. It is easy to say 'work smarter, not harder', but I will actually show you to do that. So without wasting a time let's start.

Conscious and Subconscious mind power
Conscious and Subconscious mind power 

Conscious and Subconscious Mind Power

Our brain is designed to do extraordinary mental calculation. We do them every time we catch a ball, or cross a road. We often do complex calculations, solving complex equations unconsciously. Our brain switches between two states called 'focused state' and 'relaxed resting state'. These modes are highly important for learning. You are in either one mode or another. Relaxed mode works quietly in the background on something you are not actively focusing on whereas focused mode is like turn your attention to something and the focused mode is on.

For example you have some problem or challenge to solve. So you start focusing on it as much as you can with full concentration. Now you are in focus mode as you are trying to solve the problem consciously. But if you are stuck somewhere then switch from focus mode to relax mode. This means now you don't think about that problem at all. When you relax your attention and just let your mind wander then your mind returns valuable insights.

Because now you are relaxing and not focusing on anything particular so your mind automatically starts working in background to return a solution on which you were stuck before. And amazing thing is it happens unconsciously and suddenly you are like I got the solution. So the key here is switching between focused modes and relax mode. But remember relax mode must have clay to make bricks. Focused mode is linked to conscious mind and relax mode is linked to unconscious mind and both are important.

Working Memory and Long-Term Memory

Memory is the part of memory that has to do with that you are immediately and consciously processing in your mind. It can hold only about four chunks of information. You need to maintain these memories actively otherwise you will forget the information you have taken in. In contrast long-term memory might be thought of as a storage warehouse and is important for learning as it stores fundamental concepts and techniques for longer time that you can use in problem solving whenever needed.

How to move information from working memory to long-term memory?

It takes time to move information from working memory to long-term memory. To help with this process, use a technique called space repetition. Focused practice followed by repetition over the space of time leads to memory traces. If we make chunk of information, it becomes very easy to move information from working memory to long-term memory. Chunks are pieces of information that are bound together through meaning. One of the first steps towards gaining expertise in mathematics and science is to create conceptual chunks-mental leaps that unite bits of information through meaning. Let me explain you with the example T,H,I,N,K not easy to remember in sequence where as we can easily remember THINK because now it is chunk of letters.

Don't just memorize, understand also to make it connectable to other concepts. When you first begin to learn something, you are making new neutral pattern and connecting them with pre-existing patterns making mental network strong. While chunking the information, gain context so you see not just how, but also when to use this chunk. Practice helps to increase the network of neurons to your chunks so you can access it from any path when needed. Make your chunk big so that it takes only on slot in memory but pointing to huge information. As if this slot in working memory is like hyperlink that has connected to big web page.

Try to recall at same evening what you learn new in the day. Strengthening an initial learning pattern within a day after you first begin forming is important because without strengthening the pattern can quickly fade away. Remember the keys in effective learning in any field are practice and repetition by recalling and explaining the concept that you learned to other also helps in making strong neural patterns and leads to effective learning. I cannot insist enough of importance of recalling. Recalls helps neural hooks that you can hang your thinking on.

But don't fool yourself that you are learning

Your mind sometime fools you into believing you're learning; when you are actually not. When we learn something new, it is equally important we revise it later. While revision if you simply re-read the material thinking you already know it than you are fooling yourself. Rather try to recall things you learnt instead of re-reading that again because research has shown that attempting to recall the material you are trying to learn - retrieval practice - is far more effective than simply re-reading the material.

Don't push too hard

The harder you push your brain to come up with something creative, the less creative your ideas will be. This means that relaxation is an important part of hard work. So we need to strengthen and use both the focused and relaxed modes. Unless you are really enjoying what you are doing, keep your working sessions short. Remember when you take breaks, your relax mode is still working away in the backgrounds.

Remember, accepting the first idea that comes to mind when you are working on an assignment or problems can prevent you from finding a better solution. Sleep is probably the most effective and important factor in allowing your relax mode to tackle a difficult problem and explores different possibilities, so that you can be able to find better solution; not the first solution always.

According to recent research, blinking is also a vital activity that provides another means of exploring different ideas to tackle a problem in hand. You may want your learning to progress more quickly but compare it to exercise. Constantly lifting weights won't make your muscles any bigger. Your muscles need time to rest and grow before you use them again.

Avoid Procrastination

When you do procrastination to do something, it takes willpower to do it latter. Willpower is hard to come by because it uses a lot of neural resources. You should not waste willpower on Procrastination except when absolutely necessary. One of the reasons for procrastination is distraction like social media, television and so on. Sometimes we also delay things; out of fear. But remember dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself. Procrastination is like taking tiny amounts of poison. It may not seem harmful at the time but the long-term effect can be very damaging.

So Question is then how to escape from this problem?

First you have to learn how to avoid distractions. Once you learn to control yourself; it will help you priorities things. Another thing is don't let it become your habit because habit is something we do it unconsciously. It doesn't require any energy or effort, so it becomes easy to do it. On the other hand if you develop good habit, it will help you in many ways. As habit is energy saver for us; it allows us to free our mind for other type of work.

In habit mode, brain is not consciously aware of everything it is doing. For example, you wake up in morning and you just thing 'let's get ready to go to office' and all the rest tasks happen automatically in order to get to the office. You don't need to focus for doing those things as it has become your habit. So explore the power of habits and develop good ones, so that you utilize time smartly. Question arises how to develop habit?

Just do something regularly consciously with full concentration for few days and after few days it becomes your habit. Then enjoy doing the same thing without putting any more efforts.

Avoid Multitasking

While studying or doing something don't do multitasking, as you get tired more quickly. Each tiny shift takes off your energy. Cumulative result is that you accomplish far less for your effort because new ideas cannot be flourished when doing multi-tasking. Multitasking means that you are not able to make full, rich connections in your thinking because the part of your brain that makes connections is constantly being pulled before neural connections can be firmed up.

Try to practice the above methods, till you master the life changing techniques. Always remember practice is where you are supposed to fail, so it makes you better. Learn always in all ways. Celebrate each failure and rename your own failure.

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