January 11, 2023

34 Unique quotes on Life having bitter truth

Life theoretically is simple but practically is quite complex. Every situation in life is unique in it's own way and has to be dealt accordingly. Unique quotes on life too are unique quotes on life to uplift and inspire you.

unique quotes on life having bitter truth
Unique quotes on Life having bitter truth

34 Unique quotes on life having bitter truth

1. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

2. Bad time, too shall pass. Nothing is permanent in life. 

3. A million likes will never be enough, if you don't like yourself.

4. When you have nothing to say then don't say anything, just think and enjoy yourself.

5. Invest in yourself, it gives the highest rate of return in the world.

6. You weren't born to just pay bills and die.

7. Except nothing. Appreciate everything.

8. Becoming strong doesn't start in gym. It starts in your mind.

9. Beautiful faces are every where but beautiful minds are hard to find.

10. Time is every thing. Time is king.

11. Don't waste time, the regret latter will not be pleasing.

12. Life hardly gives you a second chance, so try to achieve as much as you can in the first one.

13. Life is a boon to some, curse to some. But at the end everyone will reach the same destination.

14. Don't be too proud of your achievement's, other wise you will perish in the long run.

15. Life is all about doing good things. What you give is what you receive.

16. Charity is a must.

17. If God has given you wealth, utilize it, help others. 

18. Health is the most important asset you can own.

19. When you thing too much, every opportunity will appear as a burden.

20. Life hits you hard when you least except it.

21. I believe life moves faster than light. In no time, we are born, attend adulthood, grow old and die.

22. Life is a gift from God. Return to your creator. Pray regularly and ask for forgiveness.

23. God loves you. Return to him, it's never too late. 

24. When sad, see the people who are less privileged than you. Your pains are just a drop of water in ocean, when compared to them.

25. What goes up has to come down. Be prepared.

26. Life has bitter truths, don't hide it.

27. There comes a time in life, when all achievements seem irrelevant.

28. People will not let you live comfortably. 

29. Fantasies are good, but living in reality will prevent you from getting hurt.

30. Don't get attached to worldly desires, it will never end.

31. Take care of your parents, like God they love you selflessly.

32. After God, mother loves you the most, so never break her heart.

33. Mother is a precious gift from God. Respect her and never disappoint her.

34. Love yourself and rest will follow.

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