January 09, 2023

53 Interesting Nutrition Facts

Nutrition is the substances in food which we need for proper growth, maintenance, health, reproduction and disease curing. The 3 main types of macro nutrients are fat, protein and carbohydrates. When you buy packed foods from the market's, you can see the nutrients it contains printed on it. 

Interesting Nutrition facts
Interesting Nutrition Facts

53 Interesting Nutrition Facts

1. Added sugar provides empty calories. There are no nutrients in it, other than sugar. Therefore, basing your diet on products high in added sugar may cause nutrient deficiencies. and is believed to be a leading cause of diseases that kill millions of people each year.

2. Artificial Trans Fats are unsuitable for Human Consumption.

3. An avocado has more than twice as much as potassium as a banana. - Nutrition Facts

4. 60% of the fat and 31% of the calories in Burger King kitchen sandwich come from the mayonnaise alone.

5. A 335 ml can of pop contains 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar. That's 150 to 180 empty calories. Therefore, it is better to quench your thirst with water.

6. Canadians spend about 60 minutes a day eating while the French spend about 133 minutes a day.

7. It takes approximately 20 minutes for you brain to know that your stomach is full.

8. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and dementia.

9. There is no perfect diet for everyone. - Nutrition Facts

10. You don't need to eat every 2-3 hours to lose weight. Studies, suggest there is no correlation between meal size and frequency in burning fat or body weight.

11. Broccoli contains twice the vitamin C of an orange and almost as much calcium as whole milk and the calcium is better absorbed.

12. The best way to get your vitamins is by eating them.

13. The world has more than 50,000 edible plants yet just three commodity crops such as rice, maize and wheat provide 60% of the plant-derived calories we eat.

14. Are you a vegetarian and want proteins to build your muscles? Eat beans and tofu as a substitute for meat and fish to fulfill your protein requirements.

15. Milk is 87% water. The nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals are all found in the other 13%.

16. Omega-3 deficiency is related to depression, lower IQ, and mental disorders.

17. Vegetables are rich in all types of nutrients. Eating vegetables each day will not only make you healthy but will lower your risk of contracting any disease.

18. Meat doesn't rot in your colon. - Nutrition Facts

19. Celery is the best vegetable source of naturally occurring sodium.

20. Herbal supplements come from the roots, seeds, plant leaves and fruits, but they are not regulated. They are not tested so you can't be certain that a herbal supplement will actually do what it claims to do.

21. Calcium supplements are not good for your bones without vitamin K. So, milk is not the best food for your bones. The food which make your bones healthy are bananas, avocados and peaches.

22. Eating fruit is better than drinking juice. A raw unpeeled Apple has almost 10 times more fiber than a cup of Apple juice.

23. Fluid needs vary depending on your age and gender. Teens and adults need anywhere between 8 and 13 cups of fluid every day.

24. Brain cells need twice as much energy as other cells. - Nutrition Facts

25. Refined carbohydrates are unhealthy. They lack in nutrients and eating them may lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin, which can cause all sorts of problems.

26. Eggs are one of the healthiest and most nutritious food you can eat.

27. To increase the protein in peanut butter, Brewer's yeast can be mixed in it.

28. Next time you eat a Kiwi fruit, do not peel it. The skin of Kiwi is perfectly edible and is loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

29. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are much more nutritious than fresh.

30. Adding sugary drinks to your diet can make you fat.

31. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is good for your prostate and building the immune system.

32. The white spots on finger nails are called Leukonychia and are harmless. Contrary to popular belief, Leukonychia is not a sign of excess or deficiency of calcium, zinc or other vitamins in the diet.

33. There is a fruit called Black Sapote or 'chocolate pudding fruit' which tastes like chocolate pudding. It is low in fats and has about 4 times as much vitamin C as an Orange.

34. Eating fiber makes you feel fuller and it's healthy for your heart.

35. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. - Nutrition Facts

36. Lemons are one of the healthiest foods. A lemon gives you a daily dose of vitamin C, cleans your liver, boosts immunity and aids in weight loss.

37. The mushroom is the only non-animal source of vitamin D.

38. Often people make fun of potatoes. Someone who is lazy we say that they are couch potatoes. In realty, potatoes contain Vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin B6 and kukoamines which help in lowering blood pressure.

39. Healthy food don't stay fresh for long.

40. Blueberries, Avocados and Walnuts can increase your brain power.

41. People with Type 2 Diabetes shouldn't follow a high-carb diet.

42. Junk food is addictive. - Nutrition Facts

43. Caffeine may reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, b=diabetes and cancer.

44. Milk contains magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B and theanine, all which can help lower anxiety and depression.

45. Miraculin is a protein found in the West African 'Miracle fruit' and unique sweetener that could help people with diabetes and obesity.

46. Over 20% of all calories consumed by humans are from a single food, i.e. rice.

47. There is approximately the same number of calories in a pound of spinach as there are in 2 Oreos.

48. Tea can reduce risks of heart attack, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and certain cancers, but make sure your tea is not too sweet.

49. Eating oatmeal provides a serotonin boost to calm the brain and improve your mood.

50. Foods that are less than 5 calories meet the definition of 'calorie free'.

51. Weight loss supplements almost never work. - Nutrition Facts

52. Foods that are organic and gluten-free need not be healthy.

53. Refined vegetable oils should be avoided.
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