January 04, 2023

10 Cardamom Elaichi Health Benefits

Cardamom is also known as Elaichi in Hindi language. It is a popular condiment added in various Indian sweets. Cardamom Elaichi not only boost's physical health but also mental health. It is the third most expensive spice in the world. Cardamom is also known as the "Queen of Spices". It is used in the treatment of various illness. 

10 Cardamom Elaichi Health Benefits

1. Increases your life span

According to Chinese tradition, drinking cardamom tea increases your life span. This is because cardamom tea flushes out the toxics and keeps your internal system clean. Cardamom Elaichi increases blood circulation in the body, especially to your lungs. Thus, it acts a natural remedy for respiratory disorders. It pushes your energy level up.

Cardamom Elaichi health benefits
Cardamom Elaichi Health Benefits

2. Helps in fighting bad breath

Cardamom Elaichi has antibacterial compounds. This help's in fighting with the microbes causing bad breath or foul mouth odor. Cardamom improves our dental hygiene.

3. Cardamom may lower blood pressure

Consuming Cardamom Elaichi may be helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure. This is due to the antioxidant and diuretic properties of Cardamom. 

4. Cardamom could fight cancer

Researches and studies in mice have shown that Cardamom powder can increase the activity of certain enzymes that help fight cancer. 

5. Cardamom helps you to lose weight

Cardamom gives a push to your energy metabolism and helps the body to burn more fat efficiently. As a result you lose weight.

6. Cardamom helps in digestion

Due to it's strong aroma, Cardamom activates our taste and sensory elements thus helping in digestion. Cardamom contains chemicals that helps in the fast movement of food through the intestine. Cardamom is good for curing indigestion, constipation and gas. 

7. Cardamom cures cough and cold

Black Cardamom helps in curing cough, cold and other respiratory problems. This is because Cardamom is rich in antioxidants.

8. Cardamom helps in controlling blood sugar level

Cardamom Elaichi is rich in manganese which helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Black Cardamom effectively helps in the treatment of high blood sugar level. 

9. Cardamom is a natural Aphrodisiac

Cardamom Elaichi is a powerful stimulant. It bolsters stamina for sexual activities. It has valuable antioxidants that balance the reproductive hormones in the body which in turn effectively manage infertility and impotency.

10. Cardamom helps to fight against anemia

Cardamom Elaichi is a rich source of vital trace mineral iron and vitamin C. Vital trace mineral oil helps to fight symptoms of anemia like lethargy and dizziness. Vitamin C helps in increasing the absorption of iron by cells in the body.  

More Cardamom Elaichi Health Benefits

  • Cardamom helps in uplifting mood, concentration and memory.
  • Cardamom mitigates anxiety and depression.
  • Cardamom prevents kidney disease
  • Cardamom improves the health of heart.
Cardamom Elaichi can be consumed in a number of ways. It can be included in your chai and coffee. It can be boiled in water and consumed on an empty stomach. Do not shy to share it with your friends.

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