December 27, 2022

What is Mind?

Mind should not be misunderstood for brain. The brain is the physical substance, and the mind goes beyond the physical workings of your brain. Mind is the way you think, the way you feel, the way you look at the things, the judgments you make and so on. In other words, our mind is not simply our perception of experiences, but those experiences themselves.

It holds the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation. It is responsible for processing our feelings, resulting in our action and behavior. These the difference between mind vs brain.

What is mind?
What is Mind?

Human Mind Power

Mind power is one of the strongest powers we possess. It has the potential to create the results you desire, whatever they might be. There are no limits with the exceptions of the limits you place on yourself. It has been found that the average person utilizes only 10% or less of their brains capability. What about the remaining 90%? Human mind power is "Infinite" in nature limited only by a lack of awareness and understanding concerning its true capability.

By developing an awareness of the functions of the human mind and developing a solid belief in your ability to do so, you can dramatically enhance any area of your life. It can be financial well being, physical health, psychic awareness, developing sixth sense and all the things which are considered impossible. Lack of awareness and self limiting beliefs are the only factors keeping us back.

You yourself are not aware what's going in your mind. Much of our mental life happens in the unconscious mind. Using the power of your mind you can develop strong willpower, control your anger, lower stress & anxiety, control your pain, have better hold on your emotions, perform miraculous healings, defeat mental illness and achieve what you desire in life.

How to use the power of mind?

1. Start practicing meditation

Meditation is easy to learn and can be practiced by any one. It gives you relaxation. It alters your brain patterns. Meditation leads to real changes in your brain with the physical increase in both white and grey matter. In this state you will be able to access your subconscious mind. The ideas which may have seemed unrelated might actually be deeply connected. You develop the ability to solve problems. You begin to experience waves of creative thoughts and ideas. Meditation also causes the release of beneficial brain chemicals, increasing your learning capacity, improving your mood, increasing your feeling of well-being and memory.

2. Change your beliefs

Many people do not believe that they can learn and become smart. Their belief's gets them to trap themselves in the cage, where they are content with themselves. But the reality is, if we do not believe it, we will not achieve it.

So change your beliefs. No one can do it for you. You, yourself have to do the work of changing your beliefs. And when you do, you will be opening up new worlds for yourself. You just have to feed your mind with the right information. The truth is that you have an amazing mind with a capacity for learning that is beyond your comprehension. You just have to believe this.

3. Nourish your brain with the right things

To unlock the power of your mind in the right way, you have to nourish it in the right way. You need to be positive, do the right exercise, eat the right food, and be optimistic. Do not allow negative things to occupy your mind as this will affect its productivity.

4. Gain the right knowledge

Knowledge can be gained from experiences, books, people and other knowledge dispensers. Just because someone says it's true, don't belief it. Verify all the facts before coming to any conclusion. The problem is we don't try to gain the access of the knowledge. So we must try to get the right knowledge. Test this knowledge and information and run it through your mind to see if it is true. Then apply this knowledge in your life to make it better and help you to succeed.

5. Give space & time for your inner self

The subconscious mind is the creative part of your being & needs space to grow new delights. If it's already full up to the brim, there is simply no place for new ideas and creativity to flow. So, try to get some time & space for yourself in this busy day, to detoxify your mind, open new channels and create new neurological pathways in the brain.

6. Allowing the law of attraction

The law of attraction says that what you think is what you become. Your thoughts attract the energy that it throws. Positive thought attracts positive things and so are the negative ones. For you to unlock the power of mind, you need to fully understand how the law of attraction works. Whatever circumstances you experience is the result of your thoughts and your feelings. The basic law of attraction requires you to ask for your desires, believe that they will be given to you, and be ready to receive them. The universe then will respond to your thoughts. If it does not works out for you, may be you are not doing it right. It's not that it doesn't work.

7. Believe anything is possible

No matter what is your current situation, everything is possible because there are truly no limits. You just have to expand your mind set. There is nothing that you cannot create with the right mind set. Allow your subconscious mind to open up the spaces of your unlimited potentials. The belief should come from the core of your heart & life will surround you with the right people, at the right place, at the right time and light up your path

8. Come out of your Comfort Zone

If you just remain in your comfort zone, you will not come across any challenges and obstacles in life. It means you will not be able to activate the fighting response, which our mind possesses. Had it been this way; you still would have been decades back in evolution. Step out of your comfort zone and stay positive. Don't be let down if you fail, at least you gave a try. With through commitment, determination and the survival instinct of your mind, you will one day be able to get over your comfort zone.

9. Give up on attachments

Mind can easily become attached and start to crave the things it believes gives it the good feeling. This can lead to addictions. Addiction's not full filled, gives pain & suffering. Any addiction to something external and outside us gives rise to fear, restlessness & dependence. In such situations, the development of our subconscious mind is hampered. So rather craving for worldly attachments crave for what is within you.

10. Facing challenges and fears

We all are freaked up on taking bold decisions, choices & actions. All our fears and doubts start troubling us. We start thinking what will happen due to this in future and instead we worry and take a step backward instead of taking a step forward. Our thoughts block our mind, become invisible barrier each time we come close and hit an upper limit. A powerful internal space and solid foundation only comes from facing your fears. This will give you courage and confidence to thrive & flourish in life. The secret in unlocking your inner power is no secret at all. It simply comes from within you and you can do that on your own.

When you unlock your inner power, you will start feeling better about the things around you no matter how tough the challenges are. Hope you enjoyed this health article on "how to use the power of mind". Do not shy to share it with your friends.

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