December 15, 2022

15 Interesting Mangrove Tree Facts

The term mangrove comes to English from Spanish. Mangrove swamps are present in tropical and subtropical tidal areas. 

Interesting Mangrove Tree facts
Interesting Mangrove Tree Facts

15 Interesting Mangrove Tree Facts

1. A Mangrove is a small tree that had to physically adapt its roots, leaves and reproductive methods to survive in coastal saline or brackish water.

2. There are several types of mangroves, but the most dominant are the red, black, white and buttonwood types.

3. The red mangrove is the most widespread because of its unique propagation of seeds. These are dispersed by water until eventually embedding in the shallows.

4. Mangroves stabilize shores by trapping sediments and building land. They form dense barriers against storms and tsunamis, saving lives and protecting properties.

5. Mangrove ecosystems provide nursery habitats for fish, birds, crustaceans and marine mammals.

6. Carbon emissions play a big part in global warming. Mangroves offer considerable carbon storage and thus help to keep the planet cool.

7. Since limited freshwater is available in salty inter-tidal soils, mangroves limit the amount of water they lose through their leaves. They have adapted in such a way that they can restrict the opening of the stomata present on the leave surfaces, during the photosynthesis process.

8. The flowers of black and white mangrove trees produce nectar that can be used to make honey.

9. Their seeds fall from the tree and will grow roots as soon as they touch any kind of soil.

10. Nitrogen & Phosphorous are two of the key elements needed for mangrove trees to be able to grow.

11. The water quality can be increased because of mangrove. It is due to the fact that the water will be filtered by eliminating the sediment, dust and debris.

12. Mangroves have prop roots, which not only carries water and oxygen to the underground root network, but also forms a strong support system which allows the trees to stand in soft mud & shallow water.

13. Black mangrove extract is a good herbal cure against headache.

14. Mangroves have been exploited for timber for building houses and boats. They are also being used as fuel-wood for cooking. Continuous such exploitation can have a bad impact on the mangrove ecosystem.

15. The largest coverage of mangrove plantation can be found in Indonesia, roughly 2,500 square kilometres.
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