December 05, 2022

21 Health benefits of Onions

The Scientific name of Onion is "Allium Cepa". Onions are excellent sources of Vitamin C, sulfuric compounds, flavonoids and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds in fruits and vegetables that are able to react with human body to trigger healthy reactions.

health benefits on onion
Health benefits of Onion

Health Benefits of Onion for hair, skin and teeth

1. The onion rich source of sulfur helps for hair growth when applied to the scalp.

2. The sulfur compounds in onion are thought to have anti-clotting properties as well as to lower triglycerides.

3. Sulfur present in onion is one of the most common minerals in our body that assists with protein synthesis and building of cell structures. 

4. Onions can improve digestive system by increasing the release of the digestive juices.

5. Simply chewing the raw onion can strength teeth & eliminate bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.

6. Onions can be used in the treatment of acne & pimples.

7. A mixture of onion with honey is said to cure common cold, fever, allergies, etc.

8. Taking onion juice with honey is known to increase fertility in men.

9. The phytochemicals & vitamin C in onion help to improve immunity.

10. Onions acts as anti oxidants protecting the body against free radicals & thus help in developing a strong immune system.

11. Massaging with fresh onion juice will be very useful in increasing the blood circulation & also in removing skin impurities.

12. Quercetin and anthocyanin are two powerful compound found in onions. They play an important role in preventing cancer, especially stomach and colorectal cancers. Onions activate the pathways that provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves. They make the environment unfavorable for cancer cells to communicate, and this inhibits their growth.

13. Chromium present in this vegetable may help regulate blood sugar.

14. Folate in onions helps with depression. It also aids sleep and appetite.

15. A study has revealed that daily consumption of onions improves bone density in women who are going through or have finished menopause.

16. The flavonoids in onion help to improve the heart health. Onions help to lower the level of LDL i.e. the bad cholesterol in obese people. Onions prevent the sticking of blood platelets with each other, thus preventing the occurrence of clotting and eventually heart attack. They also can prevent high blood pressure.

17. Researchers have shown to cure ear ache with onion juice. Heat the onion and extract it's juice. Using a medical dropper, drop few drops of the juice in the infected ear.

18. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion help sooth respiratory ailments like asthma.

19. The antioxidants in onions bind with the harmful toxins in the brain and flush them out. The sulfur compounds in onions slow down the age related memory loss. The memory fighting properties may be lost upon cooking. Hence it is best advised to consume it raw. The extracts of onions also help in maintaining the hippocampus.
20. The sulfur present in onions improves the health of the lens of the eyes. It stimulates the production of a protein named glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant. The higher the level of glutathione, the lesser is the risk of glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. 

21. Onions are a nutrient-dense food but at the same time they are low in calories.
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