December 24, 2022

11 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Which Is also Known as Pitaya

A Pitaya is the fruit of several cactus species. It is commonly known in English as "Dragon Fruit". This fruit is indigenous to America. The color of this fruit is usually dark red, although some of them are pink or yellow. The inner flesh of dragon fruit is pure white, red or yellow with many edible small black seeds. Its flavor is mildly sweet, like a blend of kiwifruit and pear. Although dragon fruit looks scary from outside, simply slice the fruit lengthwise into two pieces and then scoop out the flesh from it. There are several pros and cons of dragon fruit.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit
Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

11 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit which is also know as Pitaya

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Dragon fruit contains fiber and antioxidant, which help maintain your heart healthy and young. They fight with the plaque clogging up in the arteries, maintain the blood circulation in the body. The Vitamin B3 found in this fruit lowers the bad cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats present in this fruit keep your heart in good condition by lowering the low-density lipoprotein level, while increasing the high density lipoprotein level.

2. Boosts Immunity

The immunity boosting factor in Dragon fruits comes from the fact that it has high Vitamin C content. It also ranks high in antioxidant, which helps to keep the free radicals at the curb. Also it contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 , calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin, protein and fiber which together team up to keep your immune system at its best.

3. Aids Digestion

Dragon fruit has high fiber content. This high fiber content aids in the digestion of the food we consume. Its soluble fiber will add bulk to your stool and helps regulate in the bowel movement. Consuming dragon fruit thus can help you from preventing conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea.

4. Diabetes Treatment

The fiber richness in Dragon fruit also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain normal blood sugar. It can prevent sugar spikes in diabetics that generally occur after consuming high glycemic index foods, which will help to prevent health complications commonly related to diabetes.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

The combination of low calories and high fiber content in dragon fruit boosts up your metabolism rate, which can help you to lose weight faster. Also the vitamin C in it helps you to burn the fats.

6. Helps to prevent Cancer

Carotene and lycopene found in dragon fruit have been found to have number of anti-carcinogenic qualities. They help you to reduce the chances of prostate cancer as well as size of tumors in the body. Also the peels of dragon fruit are full of polyphenols, chemicals that may protect us from certain cancers.

7. Reduces sign of Aging

No one wants to get old. People try various remedies for skin tightening, sagging skin and wrinkles. Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants which help fight the free radicals and slows down the aging process. It makes your skin look young and smoother. Phosphorus in it helps to regulate cellular membranes, which prevent the symptoms of premature aging. You can make a face mask using this fruit and honey as a natural alternative to anti-aging masks.

8. Prevents Acne

This fruit is rich in vitamin C and hence it becomes a great topical ointment for prevention of acne and pimples. Slice the dragon fruit and make paste from it. Apply the paste on the reddened area of your face or skin, and then rinse it with water. Repeat it twice a day for better results.

9. Prevents Anemia

Iron present in dragon fruit is great for boosting the hemoglobin levels in anemic people. It also aids in the production of red blood cells which helps in proper oxygenation of vital organs.

10. Helps to maintain Eye Health

Dragon fruit contains beta-carotene that is needed by your retina for color vision and for low-light vision. It helps to maintain the health of your corneas and protects the cells of your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It prevents macular degeneration and cataract formation by keeping your eyes protected from harmful radicals.

11. Strong Teeth and Bones

Dragon fruit is rich in calcium and phosphorus which improves the bone-mineral density and keeps your bone healthy. It strengthens your gum and helps keeping your teeth intact.

Indeed Dragon Fruit has great health benefits and should be included in our diet for a healthy and smart living. Hope this article on "health benefits of dragon fruit" was useful to you. Do not shy to share it with your friends.

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