December 04, 2022

11 Exercises for healthy eyes

Eyes are one of the most important part of our body. Our eyes don't get any rest until we sleep. The basic purpose of our eyes is to see. Before the modern ages, there was less strain on our eyes. Hence extra care was not necessary. But in today's world it's not like that.

exercises for healthy eyes
Exercises for healthy eyes

Everyone has a smart phone. People are busy watching movies, playing games, reading eBooks, thus constantly straining their eyes. If that's not enough, majority of our jobs involves computers. Work all day in front of computers, engage in mobile phones and when return back home watch television. 

This has become a regular routine for a person working in a city. Hence we have to do something to prevent our eyes from strain, vision loss and stress. Lets see some normal and yoga eye exercises.

11 Exercises for healthy eyes

1. Blink your eyes

We are naturally designed to blink ours to lubricate them. But when using mobiles and computers we concentrate so much on the things we are doing that our natural process of blinking is hampered. For this open your eyes wide and blink quickly for about 10 times. Then close your eyes for 20 seconds. Repeat this simple exercise 4 to 5 times and feel relaxed. This exercise relaxes your eye muscles and also lubricates them. Did you know that human eye should blink about 25 times in one minute?

2. Stretching your eyes

Look straight ahead and look all the way up. Wait for 2 seconds and then look all the way down, Again wait for 2 seconds and then look to you extreme left. Repeat it for the extreme right. Follow this with the diagonal movements of your eyes in the same manner. Start by looking to the extreme top-left corner followed by bottom-right, top-right and end with bottom-left to complete one cycle. Repeat this for one minute and be careful to maintain your head stationary.

3. Palming your eyes

Rub your palms till they become warm. Then place them on your eyes and hold them there till you feel the warmness in them. Concentrate on the thing you like and feel relaxed. After a busy day doing this gives you a great feeling and calmness to your eyes.

 4. Flexing your eyes

Rotate your eyes in clockwise direction. Do it slowly so that you reach all the corners properly. Have someone to see whether you are doing it properly or not. Do it for one minute. Then in the same manner do it in the anticlockwise direction for one minute.

5. The shoulder stand Position

Lie down on a mat and using your arm raise your waist and lower body in the air such that your legs are straight and toes point outwards. Your body weight comes on your head and shoulder which stimulates blood circulation in brain and optic nerve. This increases the blood circulation in your eyes and thereby improving its health.

6. Eye Press

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Place a finger on each eyelid and press it very lightly say for about 10 seconds. Release the pressure for about 2 seconds and then repeat. Do it for about 10 times.

7. Eye Massage

Relax and sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Place your index and middle finger gently on your eyelids Move the right fingers in the anti clockwise direction and left finger in the clockwise direction. Do it for 10 times and then change the directions. This exercise reduces eye strain and dryness.

8. Eye Bounce

You can do this exercise sitting, standing or lying down. You can keep your eyes open or close. Move your eyes up and down quickly for about 10 times. Relax for 5 seconds and then repeat it for one more time.

9. Make an eight with your Eyes

Imagine a big eight in front of you. The same way you write eight on paper, move your eyes as if you are drawing an eight. Make sure you don't move your head.

10. Food for your Eyes

For healthy eyes, increase the intake of food rich in Vitamin A,C,E and minerals like copper and zinc.

11. Things to remember in general

Avoid touching your eyes without washing your hands. Maintain good hygiene. Avoid direct exposure of your eyes to sunlight. If you are working on computers, make sure for each hour you worked, give at least 10 minutes break to your eyes. Take a mini-nap for about 3 to 5 minutes when you feel too stressed.

Hope the above article on "easy eye exercises to improve your vision" is helpful to you. Do not shy to share it with your friends.

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