November 12, 2022

37 Interesting Great Wall of China Facts

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a series of fortification made up of tampered earth, wood, brick and other materials. It is built from the east-to-west direction along the northern border of China to protect the Chinese territories and empires from the raids and invasions of various groups of the Eurasian Steppe.

Interesting Great Wall of China facts
Interesting Great Wall of China Facts

37 Interesting Great Wall of China Facts

1. The Great Wall of China is known as Changcheng / channg-chnng / Long wall in Chinese.

2. The Great Wall of China was earlier known as a "barrier. It got it official current name of Great Wall of China in the nineteenth century.

3. The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the World. Its official length is 21,196.18 Km (13,170.7 mi).

4. The Great Wall of China is not one long wall, but in fact several structures joined together. The longest section of the wall is approximately 2,145 miles.

5. The wall was built by different dynasties. Most of the today's relics are that of the Ming Dynasty; 8851Km (5,500 mi).

6. The Great Wall of China is 25 feet high in some places and ranges from 15-30 feet wide.

7. The full length of the wall is equal to half of the length of the Equator.

8. It will take around 18 months to walk across the Great Wall of China.

9. Glutinous rice was used for binding the bricks and stones. This bounds the bricks together so tightly that weeds cannot grow in many parts.

10. According to a legend, it was a dragon who determined the course of the wall for the workforce. The builders just followed his tracks.

11. The full construction of this long wall was completed in 2 thousand years. The first parts of the Wall were built as early as in the 8th Century BC.

12. The Chinese invented the wheelbarrow during the construction of the wall.

13. More than one million people died during the construction of the Great Wall of China. Most of the labors were Chinese convicts. They were given the punishment to construct the wall as laborers. Their remains have been found there and as a result it has been described as the longest cemetery on Earth.

14. There is a popular myth that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the Moon.

15. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-78), the Great Wall of China was seen as a sign of despotism. People were encouraged to take bricks from it to use in their homes or farms.

16. The highest point of the Great Wall of China is in Beijingat Heita Mountain.

17. The Laolongtou is the lowest point of the Great Wall of China.

18. There are many temples built along the Great Wall of China to worship the God of war, Guandi.

19. The most dangerous section of the wall is the Jiankou section, known for being steep and winding.

20. The most famous section of the wall, "Badaling" has been visited by many top leaders and VIPs from around the world. It is the best-preserved section of the wall.

21. The story of "Meng Jiangnu's" bitter weeping is a well-known legend. It is said that her husband, a farmer died during the building of the wall. Her weeping was so bitter that a section of the wall collapsed, revealing her husband's bone so that she could bury him.

22. Over centuries many battles have been fought at the Wall. The last battle to take place was the Sin- Japanese war in the year 1938.

23. One third of the walls have disappeared.

24. Over 10 million people visit the wall every year.

25. The best times to visit the Great Wall of China are from March to May and from September to October.

26. Badaling entrance fee is ¥40 or ¥45 with a postcard.

27. Around 8,00,000 people were involved in the construction of the great wall.

28. It is one of the most expensive construction of the world.

29. It is prohibited to remove bricks from the great wall.

30. The Great Wall of China is called the longest cemetery on earth.

31. The average width of the top walking area of the Great Wall is 4-5 meters,

32. The Great Wall ends in the sea at shanhai pass at a point called Laolongtou, which stands for 'Old Dragon Head'.

33. There are watch holes and shooting holes in the wall, which allowed archers to shoot at the enemies strategically.

34. The wall is lit up during night, but only at popular sections which attracts tourists.

35. There was no strict government regulations to protect the Great Wall of China until 2006.

36. Uranus, or Tianwang, who was the personification of Heaven, is often portrayed on the reliefs found at strategic points and passes on the Great Wall of China.
37. You can find approximately 7,000 lookout towers spread across this long wall.

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