November 25, 2022

35 Interesting Football Facts

Each team in a football match have 11 players. It is a team game and the motivate of the game is to score goals. The team which scores more goals win's the match. Currently, Lionel Messi is the best player in the world. Lets read some interesting football facts.

Interesting Football facts
Interesting Football Facts

35 Interesting Football Facts

1. Football was invented in China in 476 B.C.

2. Football is the most played and most watched sport in the world.

3. Football goalkeepers didn't have to wear different colored shirts from their teammates until 1913.

4. Football players run an average of 9.65 kilometer during every game.

5. Football is the only ball game in the world where you can't maneuver the ball with your hands.

6. In America and Canada, football is called soccer whereas in the rest of the world, it is called football.

7. FIFA was formed on May 21, 1904 with the goal to govern the sport internationally.

8. Brazil is the only country in the World Cup that has won more finals than anyone else.

9. A European football team has reached every World Cup Final except 1930 and 1950.

10. Didier Drogba the famous footballer from the continent of Africa helped to stop civil war in his country.

11. English Premier League team Everton won the league at Anfield before Liverpool even existed.

12. The majority of footballs are manufactured in Pakistan. Sialkot in Pakistan is famous for making FIFA World Cup balls since 1982.

13. The first official international football match took place at Hamilton Crescent where Scotland played against England.

14. Norway is the only national team in the world that has never lost to Brazil.

15. India withdrew from the FIFA World Cup in 1950 because they weren't allowed to play barefoot.

16. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player to ever have scored a goal in every single minute from 1 to 90 minutes.

17. The length of a football field is 100 yards while its width is 53 and half yards.

18. The first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay and they won the competition too.

19. The Sheffield Football Club in England is the oldest club in the world.

20. Pele was first footballer to call football "the beautiful game".

21. Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon - but NASA deemed it to be un-American.

22. The very first game of basketball was played with soccer ball.

23. Kazuyoshi Miura from Japan, who is 52 years old is the oldest professional footballer in the world.

24. The largest football stadium in the world is the North Korean Rungrado May Day Stadium.

25. A referee's call during a football match in Peru caused a riot that killed over 300 people and injured over 500 people in 1964.

26. Lightning killed an entire football team during a game in 1998. It happened in Congo during a match between the villages of Bena Tshadi and nearby Basangana.

27. The first coverage of football match was shown on television in 1937.

28. Greenland cannot become a member of FIFA because they do not have enough grass to grow on the football field.

29. The maximum number of players in a football team is 11.

30. Arthur Wharton is considered the first black professional footballer in the world.

31. The football hall of fame is situated in Canton, Ohio.

32. A football game is 90 minutes long and those 90 minutes are distributed in to two 45 minutes halves.

33. In 2002 World Cup, Oliver Kahn become the first and only goalkeeper to win the Golden ball.

34. Ronaldinho first came into limelight when his youth team won 23-0 in a local game. He scored all 23.

35. The Isles of Scilly has only 2 football teams. The Wanderers and The Gunners. They play each other every week.
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