November 30, 2022

33 Interesting Color Facts

Colors are an integral part of our life. Imagine the life without colors. All our life would have been black and white, just like the black and white televisions. Color plays an import role in all aspects of our lives. 

Every color has it's own significance. Color red indicates danger, white color is the symbol of peace, yellow is the color of happiness and so on.

Interesting Color facts
Interesting color facts

33 Interesting Color Facts

1. The world's favorite color is Blue followed by Purple. White, Orange and Yellow are some of the least favorite colors.

2. The sun when viewed from space is white in color. The Earth's atmosphere makes it appear to be yellow.

3. Color wheel was invented by Newton.

4. Did you that the black box installed in the aero plane to record the voices is orange in color? The reason for this is to detect the black box easily in the debris of the crashed aero plane.

5. The rarest type of diamond is green in color.

6. Neutral colors like greys, tans and whites have a neutral effect on your mood. This may be the reason why most of your houses are painted white or in shades of white.

7. Green color is believed to increase concentration.

8. Red is the first color that babies can distinguish. The reason for this is red color has the longest wavelength.

9. Crocodiles are color blind.

10. Astronomers use colors to identify the stars. If the star is blue, it means it is big. If it is yellowish, it means it is small.

11. Night vision goggles use green phosphor because human eye can see more shades of green than any other color.

12. The main colors are red, yellow and blue. Green, Orange and Purple are secondary colors, formed by the mixing of the primary colors. All the other shades are formed by mixing the primary and secondary color.

13. Spiders have transparent blood.

14. There is a disease called chromatophobia which means fear of color.

15. Colors have a psychological value. So, take care while deciding the color for your house. Your mood will depend upon it, as most of the time you will be gazing that color.

16. Grasshoppers have white blood.

17. Pink color suppresses anxiety and anger due to its calming effect. This is the reason why prison and mental health care centers have pink walls or background.

18. Highlighters tend to be yellow color because they don't tend to leave shadow on the page when Xeroxed.

19. Researchers have come to the conclusion that the Yellow and Red are the most appetizing colors. This could be the reason why McDonald's and other restaurants are using this color scheme.

20. Green color is associated with health and prosperity. It is also perceived by people as a color of peace and serenity.

21. The color red is more popular in industries like food, cars, technology and agriculture.

22. Did you know the color Orange was named after the fruit Orange? It was formerly known as geoluhread in English.

23. Black color radiates power and elegance. People perceive black color as the highest in class and status. It symbolizes superiority.

24. Blue is the color most used by the most important brands in the world.

25. Your urine color determines a lot about your overall health. If your urine color is pale straw, it means that you are normal. If it is transparent yellow then too you are normal. If your urine has no color that is it is transparent, it means there is too much water in your body. If it is dark yellow, it means you are lacking a fluid that is water in your body.

26. Orange is the color of happiness.

27. We perceive warm or lighter color to be nearer to us. The cool and darker color appears to be farther away.

28. You may have seen bulls running after the red cloth which the person hurls at them. So it makes us believe that the bull hates the red color. But it's totally a myth. Bulls don't have any color preference. Regardless of any thing they just target the moving thing.

29. Colors can affect your energy and blood pressure level. Studies have shown that intense red color increases your heart-rate and blood pressure, while blue color has a calming effect and reduces these reactions.

30. Pure bright yellow color is said to be the most irritating color. The reason behind this is the excessive stimulation it causes to the eye.

31. The best color for your car is silver. According to statistics, silver cars are less involved in accident. This is due to the fact that silver cars are clearly visible on road and under different light conditions.

32. The color yellow can cause nausea so it is avoided in aero planes.

33. Color blind people tend to have better night vision.
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