November 09, 2022

51 Interesting Chocolate Facts

Chocolate is prepared by roasting and grounding cacao seeds. The cacao seeds are extremely bitter, so they are fermented to develop flavor. Chocolate is the most popular sweet in the world. 100 grams of chocolate contains 546 calories.

Interesting chocolate facts
Interesting Chocolate Facts

51 Interesting Chocolate Facts

1. The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. - Chocolate facts

2. Apart from the milk, dark and white varieties, there is a rare fourth type known as blond chocolate.

3. At one point the Nazis plotted to assassinate Winston Churchill with an exploding bar of chocolate.

4. Chocolates may be dangerous for your pets as it contains a toxic component called theobromine. Humans can easily metabolize this component.

5. More than 7 billion chocolate chips are eaten annually.

6. It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate. - Chocolate facts

7. If you go in detail, you will come to know that chocolate is actually a vegetable.

8. White chocolate is not a chocolate. This is because it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.

9. Chocolates can help to prevent tooth decay. Yes, you read it right. Tooth decay happens when the bacteria's in the mouth turn sugar into acids, further eating away the tooth's surface causing cavities. The antibacterial agents in cocoa beans tend to inhibit the growth of these bacteria's and prevent tooth decay.

10. The scientific name of chocolate comes from Theobroma cacao, means "Food of the Gods".

11. The inventor of chocolate chip cookie sold the idea to Nestle Toll House in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

12. Joseph Fry invented the first chocolate bar in 1847. - Chocolate facts

13. Milky Way Bars aren't named after the Galaxy. They're named after the malted milkshakes; the bars were supposed to taste like.

14. It takes about a year for a cocoa tree to produce enough pods to make about 10 small-sized chocolate bars.

15. A farmer must wait for 4 to 5 years for a cocoa tree to produce its first bean.

16. Spanish royalty gave cakes of cocoa in their dowries.

17. Chocolate milk is an effective post work-out recovery drink.

18. The cacao bean is native to Mexico and both central and south America. - Chocolate facts

19. The Aztecs loved and valued cacao beans so much that they started using them as currency during the times of civilization.

20. Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds, while red wine has just 200.

21. Every second Americans collectively eat 100 pounds of chocolate.

22. The world's largest chocolate weighed 5,792 kg.

23. Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

24. The average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts.

25. Chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica.

26. Chocolate was consumed as a liquid, not a sold, 90% of its history.

27. Cacao trees can live up to 200 years. However, they produce the beans for just 25 years of their lifespan.

28. Darker chocolates can have as much caffeine as a can of Coca-Cola. - Chocolate facts

29. Nutella was invented during the World War 2, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnut into chocolate to extend his cocoa supply.

30. Chocolate gives you much more intense mental high and gets your heart pounding more than kissing does.

31. Cocoa and Cacao are the same thing.

32. Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland in 1875 by Daniel peter.

33. In 1947 hundreds of Canadian kids went on strike and boycotted chocolate after the price of a chocolate bar jumped 5 to 8 cents.

34. German chocolate has nothing to do with Germany. It's named after its inventor, Sam German.

35. More than two-thirds of the world's cocoa is grown in Africa and Ivory Coast alone produces 33% of the world's supply.

36. When it comes to cough. chocolate is more effective than Codeine. - Chocolate facts

37. Kit Kat is produced worldwide by Nestle, except in the United States where their competitor, Hershey makes them.

38. Brussels Airport is the world's largest chocolate seller.

39. America consumes almost 50% of the world's chocolate.

40. The melting point of chocolate is 30 to 32 Celsius (86-90 Fahrenheit)

41. Eating 10 Kilo grams of chocolate could kill a human.

42. Cocoa has bitter taste, which is way sugar is added to it. - Chocolate facts

43. The largest cuckoo clock made of chocolate can be found in Germany.

44. Research suggests dark chocolate boosts memory, attention span, reaction time and problem-solving skills by increasing the blood flow to the brain.

45. People who feel depressed eat about 55% more chocolate than their non-depressed peers.

46. The cocoa bean naturally contains almost 300 different flavors and 400 separate aromas.

47. The first machine made chocolate was made in Barcelona, Spain in 1780.

48. One chocolate chip can give a person enough energy to walk 150 feet. - Chocolate facts

49. A deadly dose of chocolate for humans is about 22 pounds, which is about 40 Hershey bars.

50. Despite being high in fat content, chocolate does not appear to raise blood cholesterol levels.

51. Seventeen Thousand people in Belgium work in the chocolate factory.
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