October 30, 2022

26 Interesting Mobile Phone Facts

We all use Mobile phones but do you know some interesting facts about them. Mobile phones or hand phones or smart phones have become so common that everyone has them. Apart from making calls, you can do variety of things using your mobile phones. You can surf the internet, pay your bills, do shopping, earn educational degrees and much more using your mobile phones.

Interesting Mobile phone facts
Interesting Mobile phone facts

26 Interesting Mobile Phones Facts

1. When using mobile phones be careful. It has 18 times more bacteria than toilet hands.

2. Did you know 90% of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof? This is because the youngsters use the mobile phones even in the bathroom.

3. Can you believe it, there is a sport in Finland which involves the throwing of mobile phones.

4. The first mobile call was made by Martin Cooper in 1973.

5. You all may me be aware about GPS. But one thing you hardly may know. If your phone's GPS track goes over 1,000MPH, it's legally required to deactivate it. The reason is that it is being used to guide a missile.

6. 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.

7. Mobile phones are most commonly used to check the time.

8. You won't believe it, but it's true. The computing power of your today's mobile phone is more than the computers used for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon.

9. There are more mobile phones than computer. The ratio is approximately five times.

10. 80% of world's population has a mobile phone.

11. Did you ever think how valuable your urine could be? Scientists have developed the technology to charge your mobile phones by using urine.

12. According to Guinness World Records, Sonim XP3300 Force is recognized as the toughest phone. It survived an 84ft drop without any operational damage.

13. Mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.

14. Within 3 minutes of delivery, 90% of text messages are read.

15. IBM (International Business Machines) made the first smart phone in the year 1994.

16. The best-selling phone is Nokia 1100. Till date more than 250 million units have been sold.

17. Did you know addiction to mobile phone is called nomophobia.

18. In the year 2004 Samsung got the opportunity to by Android, but they refused citing the reason that Android does not has any potential. Two weeks later Google bought it.

19. On an average we check our mobile phones about 150 times a day and in every six minutes.

20. Mobiles have exceeded the human population in numbers.

21. 91% of adults keep their smart phones within arm's reach.

22. In the year 2012 Apple sold more than 3 lakh 40 thousand mobile iPhones per day, which is around 4 per second.

23. India is one of the fastest growing smart phone markets in the world.

24. Among mobile operating systems, Android is anonymously the market leader with more than 80% of mobiles having it as an operating system.

25. The most frequently used application in the world is Google Maps, followed by Facebook and YouTube.

26. More people in the world today use mobile phones than a toothbrush or toilets.
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