October 28, 2022

13 Interesting Dog Facts

Dog is a carnivore animal domesticated by humans. They are one of the best friends of humans. Many people have dogs as their pets. Dogs are loyal and cute. There are many breeds of dog and so there will be many Interesting Dog Fact's too.

Interesting Dog Facts
Interesting Dog Facts

13 Interesting Dog Facts

1. A one year dog is as mature, physically strong as a 15 year old human.

2. Dog's sense of smelling is 10,000 times stronger than human.  

3. Dogs can see in the dark due to the special membrane in their eye.

4. Dogs hearing capability is 4 times better than humans. 

5. Like humans, dog's too dream.

6. Dog's nose print are unique like human finger print. A dog can be easily identified or recognized with it's nose print.

7. The paws of dog's smell like corn chips as sweat glands are present in the paws. The paws sweat so that dogs can easily walk on warm surfaces with ease.

8. Time is important for dogs. They are aware of their breakfast, lunch and dinner times. If you don't call them, they will by themselves come to you for their feed. Also dogs are aware when is their walk time. They will remind you to take them for an out door walk.

9. Dogs are blind to red and green colors. They can see blue, yellow, white and black color. 

10. Dogs can sense the feeling of humans. When we are nervous, scared or there is a change in our behavior pattern, dog's can sense it. Dogs can sense many diseases as well. They know if someone is pregnant.

11. The whiskers of the dog help them to see in the night. Slightest movement in the air are captured by the whiskers of the dog. In the dark, with the help of the whiskers the dogs identify the shape, size and speed of the things in front of them. 

12. Before sleeping dogs move in a circle and them sleep in a curled posture. This is because they can protect their vital organs like hip and stomach. By doing this they can sleep peacefully, thinking that they are protected.

13. Wolves are the closest relatives of dogs. 
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