Who is a Data Scientist?

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data scientist is a person who finds solutions to the problems by analyzing big or small data using appropriate tools and then communicates his or her finding’s in the form of stories to the relevant stakeholders. 

A person who is curious, fluent in analytics and has the ability to communicate the findings is a data scientist and data scientist is not restricted to particular analytic tools such as machine learning.

Who is a Data Scientist?
Who is a Data Scientist?

A Data scientist is the unique blend of skills that can both unlock the insights of data and tell a fantastic story via the data.

A Data scientist is someone who is part of computer scientist, part software engineer and part statistician.

A Data scientist tend to be very curious people, thinkers who ask good questions and are OK dealing with unstructured situations and trying to find structure in them.

What Is Data Science?

Data Science is a process, not an event. It is a process to understand different things, to understand the world. If you have some model or hypothesis of a problem and you try to validate that hypothesis or model with your data, that is data science.

Data science is an art of uncovering the insights and trends that are hiding behind data. The data can be structured or unstructured.

A Data science can be defined as something that data scientists do.


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