20 Random Quotes - Part 1

 Welcome to 20 Random Quotes - Part 1.

  1. "People spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."
  2. "Forgive yourself for loving the wrong person."
  3. "Some people don't really love you. They just love you because you love them."
  4. "Girls only cry in front of those who are special to them."
  5. "Nothing is permanent, Don't stress yourself too much, because no matter how bad situation is... it will change."
  6. "You have to laugh, especially at yourself."
  7. "Nothing will kill you more than your own thoughts."
  8. "Stop being okay with everything. You deserve to be treated right."
  9. "Relationships end because once the person has you, they stop doing the things it took to get you."
  10. "The universe will match whatever vibration you put out. And you cannot fool the universe."
  11. "If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down."
  12. "Crying is not a solution but, crying makes your heavy heart light."
  13. "Bad days are part of the process. Please don't give up."
  14. "Believe me! No one is with you. They come for their needs. Time passes, no one waits for you. That's life."
  15. "Never break three things in your life; trust, promise and heart."
  16. "Every exit is an entry somewhere else."
  17. "It you have choice, then choose the best. If you have no choice, then do the best."
  18. "Parent's can spot your fake friends, but can't spot their depressed kids."
  19. "When it hurts - observe. Life is trying to teach you something."
  20. "There is no success without sacrifice."
Hope you enjoyed reading 20 Random Quotes - Part 1.