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Which is the most expensive silk?

Mulberry silk is the most expensive silk in the world. It is the softest and finest silk of all the types of silk. Mulberry silk accounts for more than 90% production of silk in India and the World. It is the highest quality of silk available in the market.

Other silk which are less expensive than Mulberry silk are Cashmere silk, Muga silk, Spider silk, Vicuna silk, Velvet silk, Jasmine silk and Charmeuse silk. Mulberry silk is produced using the covers of the Bombyx mori moth silkworms, which are fed just mulberry leaves. This outcome in wonderful silk fibers that are hypoallergenic and profoundly uniform in shading and texture.

which is the most expensive silk?
Which is the most expensive silk?

Cashmere silk and Vicuna silk are famous for their quality. Habotai silk is the smoothest silk. China is the largest producer of silk and supplies 79% of raw silk to the world. Kanchipuram silk sarees produced in Kanchiuram near Chennai City are famous through out the world for their quality of silk, weaving and the zari work on them. 

So, now if someone asks you, which is the most expensive silk? You can surprise him by giving the correct answer of Mulberry silk.