What is the capital of Germany?

The capital of Germany is Berlin. Area of Berlin is 891.1 Square Kilometres. It is the largest city in Germany in terms of both area and population.

As of 2019, Berlin's population is 3,769,495. Berlin is a city known for it's culture, politics, media and science throughout the World. It is a popular tourist destination. Berlin is located in northeastern Germany, east of the river Elbe.

The topography of Berlin consists of low lying marshy woodlands with mainly flat topography. Berlin has an oceanic climate. Economy of Berlin depends on the transportation, information and communication technologies, media and music, life sciences, biotechnology, environmental services, advertising and design, e-commerce, retail, medical engineering and hotel business.

Siemens, a Global 500 company is headquartered in Berlin. Berlin ranked thirteenth in the quality of  living  city in 2019. Berlin has 2 commercial airports. They are Tegel Airport and Schonefled Airport. It is one of those cities which have dedicated cycling lanes. Berlin is quite a diverse city with numerous cultural institutions.

Berlin's nightlife is quite diverse and vibrant. The Olympiastadion in Berlin hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final. Berlin, the capital of Germany is worth a visit.


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