10 Best shirt and tie combinations

Want to attend a business meeting, a seminar, a get-together or any other important functions and events. For such important events, our dressing sense matters.

People who look presentable are attracted and their opinions are heard. The shirt and tie combination you wear at such places; matters. It speaks about your personality. Lets see the best shirt and tie combinations for men.
  1. If you are wearing a solid white, solid light blue or pink shirt, any color solid tie will give a good look.
  2. Solid light blue shirt with a combination of red, maroon or purple tie is a perfect combination.
  3. Gingham shirt in combination with knitted tie.
  4. Blue color shirt and brown color tie.
  5. Blue color shirt and green color tie. 
  6. Blue color shirt and blue color tie.
  7. Stripped shirt go well with spotted tie.
  8. Stripped shirt in combination with diagonal stripped tie. 
  9. Pink color shirt and red color tie.
  10. Light blue color shirt and a solid textured or dotted burgundy tie.
These are the 10 best shirt and tie combinations for any occasion you desire.


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