How to check t-shirt quality?

T-shirt's are cool.
They are worn by both men and women. Wearing t-shirt gives you a feeling of freedom. T-shirt are comfortable to wear.

T-shirt quality matters a lot. You might have seen Mark Zuckerberg wearing t-shirts. T-shirts look simple and at the same time make you look elegant. By simply touching the t-shirt you can tell the quality of the t-shirt. Good t-shirt will not give you a feeling of plastic or chunky. 

A t-shirt that is soft but at the same time firm is a indication of good quality. Softness alone can be a indication of good quality, you might be cheated. Tubular and loop-wheeled t-shirts are best quality t-shirts. It should not be so transparent or thin that it could be easily worn off. 

It should be durable for the atmospheric resistance like sunlight, heat, water and humidity. The stitches should be with fine thread such that it is flexible enough to do actions. This is how you can check the t-shirt quality and buy your next t-shirt.


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