Corona virus (Covid-19) definition,symptoms, treatment and prevention

What is Coronavirus?

The definition of coronavirus is as follows. Coronavirus causes respiratory infections, often mild, but in rare cases potentially lethal in humans. In mammals and birds it causes disease's such as diarrhea in cows and pigs and upper respiratory disease in chickens. The virus has a royal crown like shape and therefore it is given the name of corona. In China, the virus is suspected to have originated from snakes, which were on sale at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale market, in Wuhan. Live wild animals such as chicken, bat and snakes were being sold in the market.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Coronavirus (Covid-19)

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

It seems to start with a fewer, followed by a dry cough and then after a week, leads to shortness of breath and some patients may need hospital treatment. This disease can be more than a cold like symptom.

How deadly it is?

It does not cause a person to die as of a sudden. The infection takes a while to kill.

How easily does it spread among people?

The virus can easily be transmitted from one person to another person. This new corona virus infects the lungs, so coughs and sneezes are a likely route to transmission.

Could this virus mutate?

The novel corona virus has jumped from one species to another. It could mutate to become easier to spread from one person to another.

Can the virus be stopped?

As of now there is no vaccine for corona virus. So diagnose people early and treat then in isolation is the only solution.

Is there any reason why such viruses are emerging from China?

Yes, large population of people living together with the proximity to animals is one such reason. For instance the current virus seems to have come from snake. Sars, another corona virus that originated from china came from bats and the civet cat.

How can one protect himself against such virus?

Proper back up regarding how the virus was transmitted is still not known. So standard recommendations to prevent infection applies. This includes regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing and thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. Avoid contact with person suffering from respiratory illness such as cough and sneezing. Prevention is better than cure, so be extra careful with your diet and hygiene to prevent yourself from contracting Corona Virus and other such diseases.

Tips to prevent Corona Virus Infection:

  1. Corona Virus is large in size where the cell diameter is 400-500 micro and for this reason any mask prevents it entry.
  2. The virus does not settle in air but is grounded, so it is not transmitted by air.
  3. Corona Virus when it falls on metal surface, it will live for 12 hours, so wash hands with soap and water thoroughly.
  4. Corona Virus when it falls on the fabric remains for 9 hours, so washing washing clothes or being exposed to the sun for 2 hours meets the purpose of killing it.
  5. If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27 degree Celsius, it will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Also drinking hot water and exposure to the sun will do the trick.
  6. Stay away from ice cream and eating cold is important.
  7. The virus lives on the hand for 10 minutes, so putting an alcohol sterilizer in the pocket meets the purpose of prevention.
  8. Gargle with warm and salt water kills the tonsils germs and prevents them from leaking into the lungs. 
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