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Clove Health Benefits For Men And Women

We all are aware of cloves. Cloves are used as a spice and are found commonly in our kitchen's, in the Pan's we eat and at the 'Panwala' shop. They are used in many mouthwash products and toothpastes. Don't go by their small sizes. Cloves have tremendous health benefits both for men and women.

clove health benefit for men and women
Clove Health Benefit For Men And Women

Clove Health Benefits for Men and Women

1. Helps to ease pain during toothache

Having toothache and not being able to visit the dentist. You can rub the clove oil on the affected tooth and the gums and it will ease your pain. It has the same effect as that of the painkiller's. Clove contains an ingredient name methyl Salicylate which gives it this ability. But do visit the dentist once he is available.

2. Clove action on Diabetes

Cloves contain an ingredient known as 'Nigrosine'. It absorbs the insulin and also provides insulin resistance. It also enhances the performance of the beta cells of the pancreas, which are responsible for controlling the function of insulin.

3. Clove helps to get rid of Tobacco addiction

Do you smoke Cigarette? and want to quit smoking. Clove helps to get rid of tobacco addiction. Instead of smoking cigarette chew clove. Chewing cloves reduces your desire to smoke by distracting your brain.

4. Clove clears and cleans your throat and lungs

Clove prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the throat and lungs. It thus reduces your chances of contracting cough, cold, flu and other chronic respiratory conditions.

5. Good for Your Stomach

Eating clove improves your digestion system.  The clove smooth-ens your GI musculature thus helping to improve the functioning of gastrointestinal track. Thus it has a wonderful effect on diarrhea and bloat stomach.

6. Helps to ease muscle pain

Clove oil can be used to massage on the sore muscles. It helps with inflammation from arthritis and other muscle aches. Massaging clove oil also helps to get rid of stress.

7. Increases testosterone level in Men

Consuming small number of cloves has shown to boost testosterone levels in men. We all know how important testosterone is for men. Excess consumption of cloves has many draw backs and health issues, so be cautious.

8. Clove benefit's for your hair

You might have seen that in the cosmetic market; major brands are using clove oil in their products. Clove oil helps to prevent hair fall and hair loss. If you apply clove oil to your scalp on a daily basis, your hair fall will stop at a tremendous rate. It also has the power to enhance hair growth on your scalp. Clove oil combined with olive oil is a magnificent conditioner for your hair.

9. Clove freshens your breathe

Using oral sprays and chewing gums to freshen your breathe. These products might be eating your pockets and making you their addict. Just chew a clove to avoid the foul smell from your mouth and freshen your breathe wherever you want. So don't forget to carry the cloves on your next meetings, gatherings, etc.

10. Clove action against cancer

Clove contains valuable antioxidants that rejuvenates your body. Eugenol in cloves effectively fights against  the growth of cancer cells.

11. Clove protects your liver

Clove is high in antioxidants. Clove with its hepatoprotective properties counters the effect caused by free metabolic activities like the process of increase in lipid profile and radical production which results in the decrease of the level of antioxidants in the liver. Thus clove protects and improves the health of your liver.

12. Clove strengthens your immune system

Eating clove increases the count of white blood cells in the body which in turn strengthens the immune system. It reduces the hypersensitivity of the body to the foreign agents that are responsible for causing harm and discomfort to the natural functioning of the body.

Other clove health benefits for men and women

i) Clove increases the bone density and mineral content of the body. It increases the tensile strength of the bones.

ii) Clove is known to cure headache. You can simply apply the clove oil to your forehead and nostril area to reduce the pain. You can also make a mixture of clove with milk and rock salt to get rid of your headache.

iii) Clove oil is used to cure acne and pimple. The Eugenol in clove has antibacterial properties which kill infection and fight inflammation, thereby effectively treating acne.

From the above "clove health benefits for men and women", we can get to the conclusion that the size of a food does not matter.  Such a small spice-clove, which we find in our kitchen is so powerful and stronger healer. Do not shy to share it with your friends.

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