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Why are Oranges called Orange?

We all are aware of Orange fruit. Many people love it, for its sweet-sour taste. So, why Oranges are called OrangeThere was no such color orange. 

The Orange fruit arrived nearly 300 years before the Orange color in Europe, until then such color was described as a color between yellow and red.

why are oranges called orange?
Why are oranges called orange?

The word Orange has its origin in Sanskrit word 'naranga'. After many adaptations, it came to be known as Orange in English. So, instead of being called as a red-yellow or yellow-red fruit, the Oranges got their color as Orange.

22 Interesting Orange Fun Facts

1. Orange is a fruit from citrus species and belongs to the Rutaceae family. It has a sweet-sour taste. 

2. Spanish Explorers planted the first Orange trees in Florida in the mid 1500s. 

3. There are more than 600 varieties of Oranges in the world. 

4. According to American Heart Association eating citrus rich fruits like Oranges lowers ischemic stroke risk for women. 

5. Brazil is the largest producer of Oranges followed by United States, Mexico and China.

6. Oranges are rich in antioxidant Vitamin C. Hence Oranges when consumed or topically applied, help to fight against skin damage caused by pollution and sun. They help to prevent wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin. 

7. Oranges are around 10,000 times more acidic than the pH of our blood. 

8. Eating Oranges can help you to lose weight. This is because Oranges are low in fat and rich in nutrients. 

9. It is said that Christopher Columbus was the first person to have brought Orange seeds to America in 1493.

10. There is a variety of Orange known as Valencia Orange. It is green even after ripening. This is due to the fact that their peel has a tendency to reabsorb the chlorophyll in the warm climate.

11. Orange tree can grow up to 30 feet and can live for over a hundred year.

12. We buy expensive food and dishes for our taste buds. After vanilla and chocolate, orange is the world's favorite flavor.

13. Orange trees were first grown in China.

14. Orange juice is the most popular juice in America.

15. A single Orange fruit can fulfill your full day need of vitamin C.

16. The Vitamin C in Oranges is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer as it prevents the DNA mutation to take place.

17. The Vitamin C boosts your immunity system to ever day cold, cough and viruses.

18. Oranges are the fourth most popular fruit in the world.

19. It is possible for more than one plant to grow from a single seed of Orange.

20. Oranges and Orange blossoms are a symbol of love.

21. Orange is a hybrid between Pomelo and Mandarin.  It has about 25% genes from Pomelo and 75% from Mandarin.

22. Orange peel has chemicals that repel pests such as slugs and hence they are used as natural pesticides in gardens.
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