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Know how to download Instagram Stories, Videos and Photos

Instagram is a simple, fun and creative way to represent, edit and share videos, photos and messages with friends and family. It is one of the most popular social networking application powdered by Facebook.

You might like many photos and videos on Instagram and want to download it. For this you must have the creator's permission and that the videos, photos can be downloaded only from the public accounts. Lets see how to download Instagram photos, videos and stories.
How to download Instagram photos on phone and personal computer (PC)Open website. On the home screen, click on the "Tools" option. From that select "Instagram Down-loader".Open the account from where you want to download the photo.Select the photo. Tap on the 3 dots icon and click on the "Copy Link".Go back to the website and click on the Download photo. Paste the "copied link" and click on the search option. You can now see the photo in the result section. Click on…
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Which is the most expensive silk?

Mulberry silk is the most expensive silk in the world. It is the softest and finest silk of all the types of silk. Mulberry silk accounts for more than 90% production of silk in India and the World. It is the highest quality of silk available in the market.

Other silk which are less expensive than Mulberry silk are Cashmere silk, Muga silk, Spider silk, Vicuna silk, Velvet silk, Jasmine silk and Charmeuse silk. Mulberry silk is produced using the covers of the Bombyx mori moth silkworms, which are fed just mulberry leaves. This outcome in wonderful silk fibers that are hypoallergenic and profoundly uniform in shading and texture.

Cashmere silk and Vicuna silk are famous for their quality. Habotai silk is the smoothest silk. China is the largest producer of silk and supplies 79% of raw silk to the world. Kanchipuram silk sarees produced in Kanchiuram near Chennai City are famous through out the world for their quality of silk, weaving and the zari work on them. 
So, now if someone ask…

Is silk breathable?

Yes, silk is breathable. But it often depends on the thickness of the fiber and the weave. Silk is a natural protein fiber. It can be woven into fabric. The best known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larva of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori.

Silk use in fabric was first developed in China. Mulberry silk accounts for more than 90% production of silk the World. Silk is breathable due to it's fineness and the volume of floss used. Silk floss individually is about 1/10th the diameter of the hair but is still extremely strong. Silk is the finest and the lightest fabric.

In summary, silk is breathable, soft, light, extremely strong and it tends to adjust to your body temperature.

Is silk good for hot weather?

Silk is a natural protein fiber. It can be woven into fabric. The best known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larva of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori. Silk use in fabric was first developed in China.

Silk's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in hot weather. Silk is soft, light, thin when compared to other fabrics. Silk is a excellent clothing that protects the skin from insect biting of mosquitoes and horseflies, when compared to ordinary clothing's. Wearing silk clothes in summer especially in the afternoon will get you hot much faster. So, it is better to wear silk in evening and cooler weather conditions.

In hot weather, silk tends to stick to your skin due to heat and sweat. Silk clothes keep you cool on hot days and warm through nights. Silk regulates your body temperature and preserves your body heat in the cold. Silk tends to retain heat and so it is not good for humid climate. Silk adjusts to your body temperature, has softness of cotton, textured look o…

What is the best shirt material for hot weather?

A shirt is a garment worn by men on their upper body from neck to the waist. Hot and humid weather during summer results in sweating of the body. As a result our clothes get soaked with sweat and we feel uneasy.
Here is the list of best shirt material for hot weather 1. CottonCotton is one of the best fabric for shirt material in hot weathers. Cotton is soft, cheap, lightweight and breathable. It soaks up the sweat, allowing the heat to escape the body and makes you feel cool. 2. KhadiKhadi is a hand woven hand spun cloth. It gained popularity during the Swadeshi Movement. The maintenance of khadi is very easy and so you can use it as a shirt material for hot weather. 3. LeninLenin is light in weight and is loosely woven. It allows the heat to escape the body making you feel dry and fresh.  4. RayonRayon is a man-made fabric made out of cellulose, wood pulp, cotton and other natural fibers. Rayon is a good fabric material for sports and summer wear. 
Other popular shirt material for h…

What is the capital of Italy?

The capital of Italy is Rome. Area of Rome is 1,285 Square Kilometres. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Rome is located in the central-western portion of Italy.

It is the most populated city in Italy and the third most populated city in Europe. As of 31st December, 2019; Rome has a population of 4,355,725 . The Vatican City, an independent country is located inside the city of Rome. Rome has a Mediterranean climate with cool-mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers.

People following the religions like Catholicism (82%), Non religious (8%), Eastern Orthodoxy (4%), Islam (3.8%), Protestantism (0.8%), Judaism (0.7%), Hinduism (0.4%) and Buddhism (0.3%) reside in Rome. Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a typical Roman dish. Pasta is an integral part of Italian cuisine.

Rome is famous for its stunning architecture. The main tourist attractions are the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon. Rome was earlier called Eternal City. Cats are free to roam in Rome. Rome, the capital of …

What is the capital of France?

The capital of France is Paris. Area of Paris is 105.4 Square kilometres. It is the most populated city of France and is located in the north-central part of the country.

The population of Paris as of 2020 is 2,150,271. It occupies 18% of the total population of France.  Paris has been the major center of fashion, finance, diplomacy, commerce, science and art in Europe. As per 2018 survey, Paris was the most expensive city in the world after Singapore.

Paris has 2 international airports. They are Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. The climate in Paris is mild and moderately wet. Paris is the fourth largest Municipality in the European Union. People following the religions like Roman Catholic (61%), Muslims (7%), Protestants (4%), Jews (2%) and No Religion (25%) reside in Paris.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has it's headquarter in Paris. Popular Tourist attraction's in Paris include Notre Dame Cathedral, Basilique du Sacre-Coe…