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Skype starts video meeting with no sign-up required

Zoom is struggling with demand currently, not to mention concerns around security

Skype has brought in a new type of video call whereby no one has to sign up for an account to join the chat, in a similar convenient vein to Zoom – except in the case of Skype, not even the host needs to sign up for the service, or install anything.

Skype describes the new Meet Now feature as a “hassle-free way to connect” with other folks that doesn’t require signing up to any account, or downloading any software. You can simply head over to a web page and start a meeting in a few clicks directly from there, inviting anyone you wish, who can then subsequently join just as easily.

For those who do have the Skype client already installed, you can start the meeting from within the software if you prefer, and obviously easily invite your existing Skype contacts, or equally those who don’t have the program installed.

The meeting link doesn’t expire, and the video call isn’t limited in terms of the functiona…

5 Zoom Video chat tricks that is a must

Zoom is quite useful for video meetings but if you know these tricks you can make more out of the app.


> Zoom allows multiple features for your video meetings.
> You can use Gallery view and virtual backgrounds on Zoom.
> You can also touch up your appearance in Zoom video meetings.

In case you have been living under the rock, Zoom is rapidly getting adoption worldwide by the gross. It is a video meeting app that was previously limited to businesses but the lockdown across countries has brought Zoom to the mainstream, being used by thousands of people. Although security analysts and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have concerns on Zoom's security, the app is heading towards making more money nonetheless. If you are also one of those who are relying on Zoom for daily communication with clients, teammates, and even friends and family, here are some tips and tricks that you should know for easier navigation.
1. Virtual backgrounds Gone are the days when virtual…